*All 10-15 minute beds. Includes 400W Facials and 32 100W Tanning Bulbs.

These 10 Min Bronzing Beds are HOT, HOT, HOT.  With 11 spaghetti facials - these units are the favorite of all of our Gold Membership tanners!

Our 15 Min Tan America Units are a Staff Favorite.  These beds will leave you golden bronzed in just minutes!


*Includes our 12 Min Mega Bed and our 8 Minute HT 60 Stand-ups.

Our Mega Bed offers 12 Minutes of Bronzing Bliss!  This is a great unit to use to jump that tanning plateau.

Our Hollywood Tans Stand Up units are Powerful and Quick.  Just 8 Minutes in this bad boy and you are on your way!!

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